Recipes from the new restaurant of Arkady Novikov and Tatiana Berkovich are available at the Gallery to Go/Gallery to Fly. We recommend you to try “meze”, green salads with fresh vegetables, Greek cheeses and original dressings, falafel, mousaka, dolmades, crunchy spinach pie spanakopita, finest ravioli with mutton, mussels in tomato or cream dressing, red mullet fritto and, of course, house specialties of “Semiramis” - spareribs, lamb lulah and three kinds of shashlik. Speaking of the latter, Moscovites have been enjoying its excellent taste since the middle 90s when the first restaurant of the same name opened in town. Original recipes of marinades for shashlik which, to the present day, have been kept under close wraps were then bought overseas by the owners of the project from their Assyrian friend. Greek cuisine is simple and is known and loved in our country. We are happy to offer you gastronomic hits of this sunny country and legendary shashlik of Semiramis.