General information

1. General provisions
2. Financial relationship
3. Ordering and cancellation of order

1. General provisions

1.1. ‘Gallery to fly’ Services are provided subject to an agreement in writing, a letter of guarantee, an official letter from a business aviation operator or authorized crew members.
1.2. ‘Gallery to fly’ service fulfills the order according to the actual menu card. The choice of dishes and services is not limited to those listed in this catalogue. Adjustments can be made to the available dishes and it is possible to provide additional dishes, products and services. All orders outside the existing menu card are to be coordinated with an operator of to fly service 24 hours before placing the order.
1.3. Changes to the main menu order should be entered not later than 7 hours before the service is rendered. All changes are to be coordinated with an operator.
1.4. The customer agrees to pay for all services according to the prices listed in the existing menu card. More information on the actual menu card and prices can be found at or at the delivery service located at: Moscow, Petrovka 27.
1.5. ‘Gallery to fly’ guarantees that its work complies with all local sanitary and hygiene requirements for catering facilities.
1.6. Please inform the ‘Gallery to fly’ service of any complaint from operators, passengers and crews, in order to promptly settle the problems and introduce changes to the work procedures of our services.
1.7. The administration of ‘Gallery to fly’ service may introduce changes and additions to the menu card depending on the season, the availability of a special offer or a change of the range of products offered.
1.8. If some product is not available as a result of local market or seasonal situation, the operator is entitled to replace the missing product with a similar one or the one having the same characteristics by giving a prior notice thereof to the customer.
1.9. If the case of force majeure, the parties do not bear liability for any damage that either party may suffer.

2. Financial relationship

2.1. Prices
‘Gallery to fly’ prices may increase in proportion to the inflation rate and changes in the conditions for the performance of services, subject to the additional costs resulting from such new legal requirements. Current prices can be seen on
All prices are stated
in Russian Rubles including taxes.
An order requiring increased attention within a short period of time shall be surcharged. Urgency extra charge applies to any orders received less than 7 hours before the service is rendered and makes up 10% of the invoice value.
Prices for additional items ordered outside the main menu card are coordinated between the operator and the customer on a case by case basis. Prices for similar items may differ because of the seasonal or other market fluctuations and different terms of delivery.
2.2. Terms of payment
2.2.1. ‘Gallery to fly’ services prices are calculated in Rubles.
2.2.2. Payment may be effected as follows: in cash after or before services are performed, by credit card, remote access authorization is possible, or by a bank transfer in accordance with the relevant Service Agreement.
2.2.3. Payment shall be effected by customers in the currency stated in the invoice and the exchange rate shall be as agreed in the Service Agreement.
2.2.4. Payments shall be effected upon receipt of the relevant invoices unless otherwise provided by the Service Agreement. There is a possibility of deferral of payment for the services.

3. Ordering and cancellation of order

3.1. Ordering of food
The food order must be sent by e-mail or fax not later than 7 hours before the service is rendered. Only orders confirmed by the ‘Gallery to fly’ service shall be deemed to be accepted.
To ensure quality services, orders shall contain the following:
• Name of the airline
• Board registration number
• Date and time of delivery
• Place of delivery
• Name of the contact person
• Contact telephone number
• Recommendations for packaging
3.2. Urgent orders
‘Gallery to fly’ service does its best to perform urgent orders but reserves the right to suggest replacement dishes in order to shorten the time of performance of the order. Urgency extra charge applies to any orders received less than 7 hours before the service is rendered and makes up 10% of the invoice value. ‘Gallery to fly’ service reserves the right to decline an urgent order if there is a risk of failed delivery or provision of services of inappropriate quality.
3.3. Rules for cancellation of orders
In case of full or partial cancellation of an order on the day of departure, orders shall be paid as follows:
• From 24 to 12 hours before the time scheduled for the service: only 100% of the price of items ordered outside the main menu card shall be charged. Orders of services and food from the main menu card are cancelled without any penalty.
• From 12 to 7 hours before the time of scheduled for the service: 100% of the price of items ordered outside the main menu card, 30% of the aggregate price of items ordered from the main menu, less the cost of delivery.
• From 7 to 0 hours before departure: 100% of the order price less the cost of delivery.
• If the order is cancelled when the vehicle delivering the order is already on the way to the customer: 100% of the order price plus 50% of the cost of delivery.
• Penalties are not applied if the food may be used by the same customer on the same day, if the order has not been put up for delivery and the products comply with the applicable sanitary requirements.

Products returned after the order was cancelled may not be used by another flight according to the current sanitary standards and, therefore, they must be paid in full.