Gallery SVO

There is a new "Gallery. SVO" café opened in the "A" terminal of the Sheremetyevo airport for business aviation passengers. It is a place to drink coffee, have dinner or relieve preflight stress with a glass of wine. The menu includes salads, sushi with salmon, tuna and shrimp, 6 types of rolls, appetizers, soups, all the best dishes of Russian cuisine and classical dishes of European and Asian cuisine. At the café, it is also possible to make a meal order aboard an airplane taking off from the "A" terminal or from any other business aviation terminal of the Sheremetyevo airport. For specials events and very important persons who newly arrived aboard, we may even organize emergency orders delivered one and a half hour before the departure. The café is opened round-the-clock and is located at the second floor of the "A" terminal. It is possible to reserve a table or place an express order by phone at +7 (925) 585 32 98.

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